Sunday, 10 August 2014

Books are pricey!

This blog post is exactly what it says on the tin. Me ranting about how expensive books have gotten recently. I've especially noticed this since I've been in America, book are so much more expensive over here! I'd say in enlgand if I wanted to but a hardcover books I'd pay max £15, but in the USA some hardcovers are about $30, which is absolutely ridiculous! I am not paying that much money for a book that I could buy in paperback or on kindle for 1/4 of the price, who do they think I am?! Some paperbacks on America are $15 too, and in England I wouldn't pay over $8.99. I do realise that they're probably about the same amount, but $15 seems a lot more to someone like me, who grew up converting money like £1=$1. Oh, the troubles of my life!

But Why?

A question I often ponder. By making books more expensive they're discouraging people from buying them. Surely nowadays they want as many people to buy books as possible, as less and less people are reading books. When I was younger and started reading children's a novels maybe 10 years ago, I remember saving up my pocket money and buying a book for £5.99. Nowadays it would be a miracle if I found a book that cheap that I wanted to read. I knows that was a children's book, and they're often cheaper, but still. I rest my case. 
I know I don't know the ins and outs of the publishing industry. But surely if you made books cheaper you'd sell more and probably make a bigger profit. Because I think that charging $15 for a paperback is definatley going to mean less people buy it. I went to Barnes and Noble the other day wanting to buy Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, but I didn't because it was $15, they're even losing business! Surely it's in the publishers interest to make books cheaper. I was also going to buy Landline by Rainbow Rowell, but at either $24.99 or $27.99 (I can't remember which!). I wam not paying the much. On top of this there are e-books, which are much cheaper again. So surely even less people are buying real books so the publishers want to provide more direct competition to this market. Yes, people will always buy real books as oppose to e-books, but more and more people are giving in. It's much more practical and cheaper to use an e-reader. This must mean that they would want to make books cheaper too. 

Rant over! 

I'm going away next week, so no blogging for a whole week :,( but on the bright side after that I'm still off school, so even more blogging!! 

How much do you pay for books? Do you think that the price of books is riding, and do you still buy as many books as you used to?


  1. Hardcovers are so expensive -- and so heavy. I wish more books would be published in paperback,rather than having to wait a year for them.
    Have a lovely trip and thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. Thanks! I totally agree, they're so unpractical and recently I've ended up borrowing a book from friends to read them when they come out in hardback, then buying a copy myself a year later and never reading it.