Monday, 21 July 2014

Booktubeathon Summary

Last week I did the Booktube-a-thon!! (or tried...) This is a week long readathon run by Ariel Bisset (off youtube) and the challenge was to basically read as many books as possible from monday 14th-21st of July. I saw Ariel's video about it and knew that I had to do it (booktubeathon's youtube channel is linked here).

On reflection it wasn't a great time considering last week was something called celebration week, in which we go on school trips everyday. Mine included a walk (that wasn't fun), and Blackpool Pleasure beach (which was much better!). This meant that I had very little time at home, I also had a ballet exam yesterday and spent most evenings at the river with my friends, trying to recover from the heatwave in England. It was very fun, but it did mean that I had hardly any time to read. 

The Readathon included a selection of challenges that we could choose to try and complete during the week. It also included vlogging challenges, but I refuse to vlog! The reading challenges were: 
A book with pictures.
Start and finish a series.
A book with red on the cover.
A book someone else picks out for you.
A book from the genre you've read the least this year.
A book to movie adaptation
Read seven books

My aim was to complete all the challenges, apart from read 7 books. How is that possible? You may ask. Well, you can double up challenegs. For example I could read a book to movie adaptation with red on the cover. However you weren't allowed to 'triple up'. Overall I completed 3 challenges and read 4 books. I'm not too disappointed with this, but I think I could've done better. After all, this was my first reading challenge. 

The challenges I completed were:
A book with picture (Since you've been gone)
A book with red on the cover (The Elite)
Start and finish a series (The Selection trilogy)

So, the books I read!
I knew that I wanted to read a trilogy because my YA trilogy TBR is never ending! I chose the selection by Kiera Cass as I've amazing things about these books. I've also heard them be described as a cross between reality TV and that sounded perfect. These books were amazing! They were quite quick, and I often found myself grinning uncontrollably while reading the scenes between Maxon and America (especially in the first book, The Selection. This series consisted of The Selection, The Elite and The One. This ticked off two challenges, as it is a full series, and The Elite had red on the cover. I should be reviewing these soon.

Then I attempted to read Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. However 50 pages in I gave up as it was taking me so long to read, and although I really liked it, I needed speed!

So my 4th and final book was Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson. I recently bought this book and was planning on saving it for one of my contemporary cravings (they're very common!). But I gave in and really loved it. It was quite and easy read, but was on the long side for a romance. It was so summery and I learned a lot with the main character.(expect a full review soon)

Did any of you do the Booktubeathon? Do you like reading challenges? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I've never done a proper reading challenge before! I'm kind of doing one with my book club on Goodreads, buuut...I'm slack. I really just read what I feel like, not for any challenges. I kind of want to do one seriously someday though! Good luck with your challenge!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!